New Wallace & Gromit Movie in Development!

It is officially announced now, Nick Park has confirmed the 7th film of Wallace & Gromit called "Saying Chesse" (Name isnt final) but it is good to know. The production began in 2019, and as you know it takes 3 years or more for completing a stop-motion as it is not easy. The Grand Day out took 12 years, so we have to wait, as it comes. It is said"the fruit of patience is sweet" so it is the same thing as this case. And also due to Covid, it will delay more. This was the report of today. (21/5/21)

The Wallace & Gromit Christmas Merchandise Collection

If you need nice little Christmas gifts of Wallace & Gromit, check the Aardmarket! There you will find nice Christmas Cards and Stand-Up cards with pictures from the X-Mas Shooting Sesions. Some examples you will find here. And hey, the W&G; calenders are available via Aardmarket, too! (30/11/97)

Aardman needs money: The Wallace & Gromit Collectors Items

In November, Nick Park visits Buckingham Palace to receive his CBE award from the Queen. To celebrate the occasion Aardman Animations have photographed Wallace and Gromit in top hat and tails setting out for the big day. Framed, authenticated prints are being offered by the Aardmarket as Collector's Items. A Limited Edition of only 100 prints is being made available exclusively through the Aardmarket. The prints will be despatched in December to the first 100 people to place orders and will be limited to one print per household. But hey, they will cost 80 Pounds (+pp)! (30/11/97)

New Wallace & Gromit film?

According to Richard Brooks in alt.animation.nick-park Nick Park has stated in a short interview on his was to pick up his C.B.E., that a new Wallace and Gromit film was being worked on and is script stage. Just another rumour? (30/11/97)

Wallace & Gromit on Laserdisc

November 5, 1997 is the official release date of "The Wallace and Gromit Collection" on laserdisc. For further information skip to the section laserdisc! (25/09/97)

Have A Grand Day Out At The Arizona Museum For Youth

From October 10, 1997 thru January 16, 1998 Wallace & Gromit will be featured in The Arizona Museum for Youth's fall exihibit. In conjunction with the UK/AZ Festival, which is coming to the Valley in October 1997, the museum will realize its long-term desire to offer an exhibit dealing with the art of animation. The exhibit will offer a look at Claymation figures, film sets, storyboards, and other animation production accoutrement, as well as artifacts which exemplify UK culture.
Hours: Tues.-Fri., 1-5 pm; Sat. 10 am-5 pm; Sun. 1-5 pm (closed Mondays & holidays). Admission: $2 adults and children 2 & older; free for children under 2. Information: (602) 644-2467
The Arizona Museum for Youth is located at 35 N. Robson in downtown Mesa, Arizona, USA (two blocks east of Country Club Drive and one block north of Main Street, on the northeast corner of Pepper and Robson.).
This message reached me from Rob Price. (17/09/97)

Wallace & Gromit Icons for the Mac

Aardman Animations in partnership with The Iconfactory proudly present an official Wallace and Gromit icon set for use on the Macintosh computer desktop (You need to be running System 7 or higher). From the Aardman webpage you can download a set of instructions and a set of 11 icons based on characters from the Wallace and Gromit films. A PC set will follow sometime later. The Iconfactory informed me that the Iconparade usually does PC icon set translations, but for this exclusive deal with Aardman they can't post the PC version. Aardman will have to take care of that themselves. But stay tuned and check the Iconfactory home page regulary for the latest news. The nice selfmade icons for Windows are still downloadable from this site. Check the resources section! (06/08/97)

Nick goes Commander

"On Saturday 14th JuneNick Park awarded a CBE!"
CBE stands for Commander of the British Empire and is one of the highest public awards that can be bestowed. Hey Nick, next time it's a knighthood! Nick was awarded a CBE for his sevices to the Animated Film Industry and he'll go to Buckingham Palace in July to be presented with the CBE by the Queen. Perhaps they will drink a cup of tea and eat some crackers with cheeeeeeese! For more informations chek out the Aardnews! (19/06/97)

Wallace & Gromit goes Scientific Research

It's now some months ago, but there exists really a scientific work on the Wallace & Gromit phenomenon! The researcher is Sandra Xenia Walser and she worked out a paper for the Seminar of Filmwissenschaft at the University of Zurich. The title of the paper is "Kultfiguren aus toter Materie: Die Frage nach Wallace & Gromits Privatleben" ("Dead mattter cult figures": The question concerning the privat life of Wallace & Gromit). The main research questions are: "Are Wallace & Gromit stars? Do they really got their own privat life? Are they taken for "real"?" This leads Walser to considerations about the construction of their movie inner- and external image via their films and the perception of this image from the audience. Excellent stuff from the lower floor of the ivory tower... (13/06/97)

Storyboard Collection

Announced in Germany for November '97: 'Unter Schafen: Storyboard Collection'. 176 pages, hardcover. For the first time the complete storyboard of the movie will be released. You will see takes, which are never shot. Additionally Nick Park talks about his tricks and inspiration.
This announcement I have found at the webpages of cinemabilia. Does anybody know, if this book is yet available in the UK? (13/06/97)

File Under: V.I.P.'s love Wallace & Gromit

The Sun Newspaper of 3rd June 1997 shows a photograph of Spice Girl Emma Bunton with her very own Shaun the Sheep Rucksack. The Aardmarket comments "When Emma Bunton, recently had to bandage an injured ankle, she also bandaged her favourite Shaun Rucksack!". So take a good look at the photograph and Shauns left backpaw...

Another interessting fact is that among other things Sir Alec Guiness (of Obi Wan Kenobi fame) has confessed in his dairies that besides the shipping forecast, wildlife documentaries, Travel Scrabble, Strictly Ballroom, Trollope, Dickens, Ford Madox Ford, the Pont du Gard and Mike Atherton's match-saving innings in South Africa, he really likes Wallace & Gromit.

Knitting Pattern

According to Gerhard Meinke there exists some Wallace & Gromit knitting patterns (as Anthony Steed says "Knit yourself a cuddly Sean, Feathers, Preston etc... "). The patterns were produced by Coats Craft UK (producers of knitting wool, amongst other things). Some of the figures were featured in the english Womens Weekly magazine where there was an order form for all the pattern sheets. The snail mail addres is:

Coats Craft UK
PO Box 22
The Lingfield Estate
McMullen Road
Darlington Co.Durham DL1 1YQ

Faster News

Want additional or recent news? Check Anthony Steed's Wallace & Gromit page . It's far better than this one because he's the faster one ...;-) Go ahead Anthony!

Wallace & Gromit goes stage

Our two heros got their very own stage show in a real theatre. As they say: "While that nice Mr Park is very busy making a big movie, we shall be treading the boards". Andrew Dawson, (of "Thunderbirds" on stage fame) has realized this stage show called "A Grand Night Out". Definitly it'll be a grand night out, but what does Wallace thinking about their first real live stage experience: "The smell of the greasepaint, the roar of the crowds, it's a marvellous opportunity. Gromit didn't seem too keen at first. But then I caught him secretly reading his latest book "Method Acting for Dogs" behind his morning paper. So we are both really looking forward to being alive in front of a real live audience for the first time." They touring the UK in June/July. Check the schedule at

The Aardmen looking for screenplays

Concerning the message in alt.animation.nick-park Aardman Animation keep their eye on new screnplays: "Aardman Animations (1972), Gas Ferry Road, Bristol BS1 6UN, tel (0117) 984 8485 fax(0117) 984 8486. Producer, broadcast/features: Michael Rose. Specialists in model animation, looking for screenplays for adults and families for cinema and TV. This means screenplays in standard 'screenplay' format and it might be best to write first to see if they're looking around for ideas at the moment." (Page 316 of the Writers' & Artists' Yearbook 1997). So anybody out there who got a brilliant idea for a new Wallace & Gromit adventure ;-)

New Feature Film

Aardman had announced the start of a feature film production. The new project of Nick Park is called "CHICKEN RUN" and will be Aardman Animations first full length animated theatrical feature film. The film is being co-directed by Peter Lord and Nick Park. According to the Aardman News CHICKEN RUN is a comedy escape drama with a touch of passion set on a sinister Yorkshire chicken farm in 1950's England. The film follows the turbulent romance between two farmyard chickens, Rocky and Ginger, who yearn for freedom and plan a daring 'prisoner of war' style escape. The film is based on an original story by Peter Lord and Nick Park which they have been developing since 1995. The script has been written by distinguished British screenwriter Jack Rosenthal (YENTL) who has been working on the screenplay since 1996.
The Production will take place entirely at Aardman's studios in Bristol, UK, with intended delivery at the end of 1998.

New Nick Park Commercial Activity

Nick Park is responsible for the "Chevron Cars" commercials. "Chevron" is a gas station chain in the western U.S. These commercials feature cartoonish automobiles with mouthsand eyes that ramble on about everyday life, pertaining to Chevron gasoline. In the more recent commercials, while the car is talking, there are two dogs in the background are doing silly things such as playing basketball, and in another, the same two dogs go to a supermarket to buy a cartful of dog food. Incidentally, the two dogs bear a striking resemblance to Gromit.
Chevron were selling plastic Nick Park cars at their stations earlier this year; when they are run along the carpet, their eyes move or blink.

Wallace & Gromit Save Kiddie

End of last year it was reported on the UK national TV and Radio news services that a 13 yr. old teenager in Basingstoke was brought out of a deep coma by a W&G; video. Apparently, the kid had been been knocked down while Roller-blading (no indication that Feathers McGraw was responsible) and had been in a deep coma for several weeks. The neuro-specialists were becoming very despondent (neuro-tic? :)) about the lad. Anyway after all the hi-tech medico's had failed, the lad's twin brother insisted on playing a W&G; video (wasn't clear from the reports which one!) Apparently, the boy turned over immediately and sat up! He's now back at home!
Well done, Gromit!
Thanks for visiting!

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