• Lar (fresco@sentex.net) has made a fantastic icon library of the characters from Wallace & Gromit. The icons are in 256 colour format for pcs so they'll work on Win95 or 3.1. IMHO it's a very good work (he reached the standard of the icon library on the official Aardman W&G; Fun Pack), so give him feeback if you like them!
    Below you see the ten windows-icons of the Wallace & Gromit Icon Library of Lar. It's really a terrific picture, but it should give you an impression the icons look like! If you click on the picture you can download the zipped library. Just copy the file in your windows directory. [If it fails, don't worry - if you are using Win95 just click the right mouse button and choose "Save link as...". You should get a zipped file called W&Gicons.zip;)
    The "installation" varies slightly if you are using Windows 3.1 or Win95. For Windows3.x, select the item whose icon you wished changed, then go to the File Menu at the top of the screen. Select Properties, and then Change Icon. Browse to wherever you've stored the icon library or single icon file you want and select it. If it's a library, the icons will all appear and you can scroll through them to select the specific one you want. The keep hitting OK until you are back out of the sub menus.
    For Win95, right-click on the item whose icon you wish to change, and once again select Properties from the sub-menu. If it's a Shortcut you'll have to hit the Shortcut Tab on the next screen, otherwise you can select Change Icon and the rest is the same as before. Some icons - like the My Computer icon - will NOT let you change them, unless you've got something like TweakUI or Plus! installed. There are also Win95 Tips n' Tricks documents on the Web that can explain how to do it by tinkering with the registry.

  • Lar also created animated cursors. They are really brilliant - but take care, it's a little bit confusing working with a chewing Shaun cursor instead of the traditional arrow cursor ;-) I have packed the four of them in a zipped file you will be able to download here!

  • Aardman Animations in partnership with The Iconfactory present an official Wallace and Gromit icon set for use on the Macintosh computer desktop (You need to be running System 7 or higher). From the Aardman webpage you can download a set of instructions and a set of 11 icons based on characters from the Wallace and Gromit films. A PC set will follow sometime later. The Iconfactory informed me that the Iconparade usually does PC icon set translations, but for this exclusive deal with Aardman they can't post the PC version. Aardman will have to take care of that themselves. But stay tuned and check the Iconfactory home page regulary for the latest news. The nice selfmade icons for Windows are still downloadable from this site. Check the resources section!

  • The best source of Wallace & Gromit icons at the moment is the Wallace and Gromit Fun Pack. It' s a CD-Rom and also includes a couple of games, some wallpaper (all 640x480), sound grabs, video clips, etc. On the CD-ROM you will find about 100 different icons for Windows.

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